Monday, December 28, 2009

Drawings of This and That…

Sarah's Pics 026 (2)

Sarah's Pics 029 Sarah's Pics 036 (2)

Sarah's Pics 057

I love drawing with just a pencil, though sometimes I like playing

around with paints. Watercolor is easier for me to use

but I also will use acrylics. The first three pictures are pencil

and the last one I used acrylic paint.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


frozen 8

frozen 21 frozen 18

Winter is coming!

I saw her introduce

Herself to the world,

And just last night.

When the sun was dawning

All beauty was induced

Beauty like this I was never told,

Oh, what a sight.

Everything was wrapped in ice;

Once the morning light

Touched the glazed trees,

Fences and grass,

It all looked so nice

For the sun graced it just right.

All within me heaves

At the thought that it would all pass;

All the beauty of her,

The beauty of winters coming.


Pet Pics…

002 Ginger… She is a really goofy dog and an attention hog, but is a ton of fun! :)

Sarah's Pics 050

Jonagold… This fish is a distraction! He sits on the table, and when

I have to do homework I end up staring at him! hahaha

Sarah's Pics 026 (2)

Cinnamon…. Is a super sweet and dopey little dog. When she looks at you with

her brown eyes you fall for whatever she wants.

Sarah's Pics 007

Kiwi… My younger sister’s rabbit, and this little bunnies teeth are even bigger

than the look; I know! :/ hahaha

Sarah's Pics 060

Peaches… Our old tabby cat, who is really cute and cuddly, always wants attention.

042 Darcy… Well, he is just my big clown! He is the sweetest little guy though. :)

Having a lot of pets you get to have a lot of fun playing around with them

and taking pictures! :D I love them All!