Friday, November 20, 2009

Fun With Photos!



Sarah's Pics 139 daisy 2

Sarah's Pics 009 (2)

I have soooo many pictures! And many of them are of the strangest of things.

I can’t help it though, when I happen to see something that interests me, I take a ton of pictures!


Lady Farmer said...

Beautiful photos, Sarah! You have such an eye for taking pictures of lovely things! Keep it up!

Have you ever read the blog
PleasantviewSchoolhouse? Anna is a homeschooling mom with 5 children. Giles, the eldest, is now going to college (Georgia, I think) with his photography. Check it out ~ Her older post photos are all taken by him. He is good, too!


Storybook Woods said...

Beautiful I really love the daisy photo. Clarice

Auberne' Rose Ancalimon said...

Your photos are amazing! I love the photo of the pin-cushion and the waterfall! ^-^

Auberne` Ancalimon @-`---