Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Eyes of a Horse…

Sarah's Pics 007 



 When I look into the eyes of a horse,

I look into the eyes of a trusted friend;

To him I pour out all my troubles and pains,

From him I find a certain peace, my horse,

My trusted friend.



Christa said...

Hi Sarah,
I came over from your mother's blog. Yours is very nice and well laid out. Your Beautiful words are a delightful addition to your pictures. What a great way to minister to others.

God bless you,

Mrs. Smith

Lady Farmer said...

Hello Sarah!
What spectacular photos! You have a very nice blog! I think you really like horses! I used to have Tennessee Walkers ~ fun horses! Your Mr. Darcy is adorable! And your horse drawings are wonderful!
Your tabby cat's eyes are amazingly blue ~ is she part Siamese?
You have so many darling pets ~ I am sure they keep you quite busy.


Sharon said...

Good morning Sarah!

Your photos are SO BEAUTIFUL! Your drawings and writing is too! Thanks so much for sharing your heart, thoughts and creativity with us :) You are a blessing!

Have a beautiful day in the lord!


Sarah said...

Thanks! :) Fun! She does have a little Siamese, she was the only one out of her litter that had this trait. Indeed they do! But they are a lot of fun to have.

Thanks... I'm glad I can share them. :)