Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Pets!

Sarah's Pics 027 (3)

DSCF0684 Sarah's Pics 033

My 3 favorite pets out of the many! My Golden Retriever, my mini horse and my Tabby cat.

All 3 of them are fun to hang out with and make good friends.


Nadine said...

What about Peaches & Cinnamon!!! :O


Storybook Woods said...

Your mini horse is beautiful. Welcome to blogging by the way. Clarice

Camille said...

Hopped over from your Mom's blog...you are a talented photographer! Your pets are lovely and you captured them well. I especially love the one of your horse.


Sarah said...

There wasn't enough room for them. ;) Thank you, I think my little horse is pretty cute too. Thanks!