Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mr. Darcy...

No, Mr. Darcy is not the guy that every girl dreams of. He is my mini horse! This little guy is my "best buddy", and is just a ton of fun! At times though he can be a handful, but that's why I enjoy him.
He is a (almost) 3 year old mini stallion and he stands at about 34". In the pics above he looks like a chestnut with his winter coat, but in summer when I shave him he turns into a silver bay. I bought him when he was one and boy was he a mess! His hair was all tangled and matted, his hooves were too long and he knew nothing, not even how to lead.
Right now he's just a "pet", but I am trying to train him to pull a cart, without a cart or harness. So for now I'm ground driving him, he does however know a few tricks! He will shake your hand and rear, right now I am trying to teach him how to bow and smile. My little horse is a great friend, and I love having him around.

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